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James D Waller is an artist and photographer from California, now living in Albuquerque, NM. His first career was very left-brained – as a chemist and staff accountant for almost three decades. During that entire period, he longed to be making art full time. He has done so since 2011.


“All works pour from me and through me, like some bizarre Zen walking meditation. I am often mystified as to their full significance. Sometimes I want to ask someone what they mean, but I usually know.  I want every piece, no matter the medium or substrate, to share my intensity of purpose, meaning, texture, light and color. Or I won’t release it.


In the past I have done many styles, but now I am focusing on Pop Surrealism. I am an Outlier, like in Statistics. I love multiple mediums. I waited 30 years to get an airbrush. When I finally got one it was very liberating. I love oil, acrylic, high quality pencil.”



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